Happy Tenth Anniversary! Windows From Heaven.

TEN Years ago tonight we began this unique and inspirational Web Page!

Windows From Heaven has now reached all 50 states and 135 Countries Worldwide! August 28,2010 -August 28,2020.Not until Tonight did I actually realize today is my FATHER’S BIRTHDAY.How appropriate that we are celebrating ten years on my Dad’s Birthday. I Believe he is looking down on us from Heaven, in all its Glory.

Thank You for all your love and support as we continue sharing Gods messages together,and many through my Photography. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment but also the focus I have been able to keep.

We will continue to share the Hope,Comfort,love,and Inspiration,as long as God sees fit.   Happy Birthday DAD,in Heaven.We Believe!

Watchman,Photographer,and Author, Matthew C Seufer