About the Author..Matthew C.Seufer

1546437_10203060410177769_7712433245784690489_nI have been an amateur photographer most of my life; the beauty in the world captures me. I had always been told my photographs were wonderful, and I knew I had a talent. Several years ago, my photographs began to change.

Suddenly, they no longer represented my skill they began to reflect the creator behind the beauty. How Blessed we are that God only need an open heart! He reached out and touch me. He drew me into a remarkable journey to touch others for Him.

I have spent the past several years on this very important and unique project. How could I have known that a walk around the block with my camera would find its way to so many people around the world–that snapshot from my lens would speak to hearts for God? How could I know how this path would change me?

I am a proud native of Williamstown, West Virginia, a beautiful small town along the Ohio River. I enjoy the simple things in life and making a positive difference to those along my path.God is continuing to show us his will in 2015.I currently reside near Columbia,South Carolina, USA. Yes We Believe!

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