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safe_image.phpMATTHEW SEUFER -MY TAKE August 07,2020 ******
8 am -Positive result – less than 12 hours later Negative Result?

1.The confidence in testing procedures,test kits,and results is dwindling.
2.We KNOW this virus is highly contagious
3.We must wear a mask to be safe for everyone around us.
4. The daily numbers are suspect either way.
5. Truth is..We dont know what to believe anymore.
6. People ARE dying
7.The 1% percentage death rate means nothing if its YOU or a family
member or friend.
8. We MUST get back to some kind of normal..but with GREAT PATIENCE
based on facts.
9. Time will tell what is true and what was exaggerated
10. The Politics in all this is EXHAUSTING and is doing no good

(For Now we continue with the precautions,praying and hoping for the best)