GOOD FRIDAY “Windows From Heaven” APRIL 3, 2015

MCS14 Promises From AboveDownload this incredible color quality Ebook and share with others!

WFH is going to mean so much to so many

The pictures and scriptures in this book will touch people of all ages,race,denomination,and culture.

Heaven IS Watching!

God continues to reveal his truth through any means necessary

WFH is absolute proof that God is showing us through the gift of sight

God doesn’t photoshop,neither does the author.

Most people cannot put the book down the first time without going back and looking again.

There will always be skeptics and non believers, God’s followers know the truth.

From hospitals,cancer centers,nursing homes,churches,Dr offices, and wherever people need comfort,truth, and inspiration. Windows From Heaven will be there.

Prayer Works! We get excited when we hear the testimony of those who have either purchased,the soft cover, or downloaded the ebook.

Parents are having their children read or look at the pictures in this book.

WFH is not a “one time feel good moment” or “big headline” to disappear a week later

This journey has never been about the author.It’s about getting these pictures out to those God is trying to reach. No more road blocks. This book is getting into the hands of those who are suppose to see it. What better timing than Easter Weekend to “officially” reach out to the World seeing through the Windows From Heaven!