STUNNING NEW RELEASE Windows From Heaven – Author/Matthew C. Seufer

"Windows From Heaven" -Making an Incredible POSITIVE Impact WORLDWIDE through -Hope,Inspiration,and ORIGINAL time dated Photography!


I am so blessed to be able to present God’s pictures to his followers. The Lord has taken my passion for photographing the “simple” things in life, and is showing us all his message through my lens! God said “get this book published,I will do the rest”.

Each picture is dated as they were taken. The dates,I was instructed are very important to certain people that will view the book. The E-Book version is presented in the same quality as the original pics. I intentionally kept the Ebook costs as low as possible,so it would be affordable to download onto tablets,Ipads,Iphones,labtops and other electronic devices.The Ebook is an inspirational 96 page color picture book that the reader can take with them where ever they travel.

This incredible book comforts those who are grieving over a lost friend or family member. Even a pet. A great Wedding gift,Birthday,and gives peace to…

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