Good Evening- Windows From Heaven Posted June 21,2018 First Day of Summer in USA




They are beginning to spread the word across Asia. Watch God! “Windows From Heaven” – I Believe Posted June 13, 2018

An absolute blessing early this evening. I was led back to the old church by a Rainbow, that I knew was coming before it ever arrived. June 09,2018

John 18:36 Jesus said ” My kingdom is not of this world”

We Believe!

When you see a “20” in the sky- it gets very personal. We Believe! Windows From Heaven.. Amazon,Westbow Press

Good Morning- Thank God for every day. Welcome Twitter followers. We Believe! Posted May 31 2018

Rules are made to be broken. These are NOT! Windows From Heaven

Angel appears over the house today! May 26,2018 We Believe!

PRAYERS for all who sacrificed their lives- this Memorial Day Weekend. Windows From Heaven