No one knows what is real or make believe online anymore. My book and every photograph is 100% authentic- Windows From Heaven seen in over 34 Countries last week,alone.Help us get the word out!

If God blesses you with a Gift- use it wisely with his guidance. April 25, 2018

(Photos by Matthew Seufer)

There are NO toll booths on this HIGHWAY. The cost has already been paid! Page 43 in the book Windows From Heaven.(Photo by Matthew C Seufer)



God Has Your Back!Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you;you need only to be still

🙏 Amen





You don’t have to PAY to PRAY! God is always with you! April 24,2018

WordPress and The Windows From Heaven – Reaching out comforting and Inspiring others World Wide.


The Matthew Seufer Galleries are NOW Open – Inspirational quality Greeting Cards & Products Now available Online!Posted April 21, 2018

Courtesy of R.S. Helms

Spend Some Time With the Good Guys – Windows From Heaven- Amazon

It’s not “Luck”when you are consistently in the “right place at the right time”God’s hands are ever reaching. Matthew Seufer April 18,2018

Windowsfromheavenamazon (Photo by Matthew Seufer) – Elgin South Carolina

“When you hear the Voice of God – you will forever serve” … Matthew Seufer April 17, 2018