GOD Continues to WARN this world for what is to come. Only a few seem to be taking his Word seriously. Posted December 18,2019


Photos and Testimony by Matthew C Seufer

WARNINGS – Deuteronomy 7:20 KJV “Morever,the LORD your God will send the hornet against them,until those who are left and hide themselves from you perish”

There are NO MORE Coincidences.

Photo and witnessed at the Old Church

Friday,July 12, 2019 Windows From Heaven

Severe Storm Threats Continue Sunday -Stay Safe.Deep South into the mid Atlantic States today!Palm Sunday April 14,2019


  LIVE SOUTHEAST RADAR FROM THE WEATHER CHANNEL..COLUMBIA SC USA -SUNDAY APRIL 14,2019 https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/USSC0065:1:US?base=roadsLight&layer=radar&series=observation&zoom=6.97&opacity=70&center=34.59%2C-80.47&fbclid=IwAR0KzM2Ue87JDoK1Z3B7z9zefE9AIVT7ba9ckQ8VKyaLo1xf7sAzHMPmH2M