Pictures Really Worth a Thousand Words -Especially These! Windows from Heaven

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Windows From Heaven in Ebook & Softcover this **Christmas** Great Gift Idea!

For under $5.00 download this incredible 85 true color picture E book onto your tablet,computer,smart phone and more! Carry the Windows From Heaven with you and show others.Comfort,inspiring,and Gods message through my pics. Truly blessed. Try it today! I know because I witnessed,dated,and took every picture. Scripture included.How I learned the bible.What a surprise this would be on a new electronic device.Thank you and I am honored to share these messages.Thank You Jesus..for this opportunity to reach others.MERRY CHRISTMAS! Matthew C Seufer.(also available in softcover.)


Jesus is coming- Windows From Heaven August 2016

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Matthew Seufer Coffee Table Picture Book Now Available Worldwide

Enjoy the much talked about “Windows From Heaven” coffee table book and also in EBook form.Now available through online retailers nationwide! 85 incredible pictures of  inspiration (in Ebook ) under $5.00 on most sites.What messages will directly affect the reader? A book you will definitely want to share and talk about. Yes its all TRUE!

The soft cover version is also available nationwide.

GOD is GOOD all the time! Looking Through Windows From Heaven

MCS66 Angel Over Lake Murray MCS12 Faithful Assembly MCS26 Angel Hugs MCS21 Heaven Can't Wait

Download these real and incredible images with you on your tablets,phones and keep them with you,wherever you travel! Daily inspiration,hope, and truth. See through the Windows From Heaven!

God does choose ordinary people to deliver his message

How blessed we are that God only needs an open heart.He reached out and touched me that fall day in 2009.He drew me into a remarkable journey to touch many others for him. Just an ordinary guy that enjoys the simple things in life. I am not a reverend,pastor,priest,saint,apostle,prophet or spiritual leader. God is revealing the truth through any means necessary in this year 2015. A most unique way of learning the bible,through what he is showing us. Pay attention to the dates of when each picture was taken. They will be of significance to many people. Many believe we are living in the days of Acts 2:17-“In the last days,God says,”I will pour my spirit out to all people”.

There is no denying we are seeing scriptures in these pictures. I cannot describe the feeling of joy one experiences when being shown these incredible visions. The Ebook is a gem of detail and color. The soft cover book is changing lives,as well. Just an ordinary guy that has been given this gift of sight, using my talents, to bring comfort,inspiration,joy,and truth, in people’s time of need. I am so blessed to be presenting the “Windows From Heaven”.1546437_10203060410177769_7712433245784690489_n