Focus on what you know to be true. Real life Photos and Testimony by Matthew C Seufer

Job 36:32 ESV He covers his hands with the lightning and commands it to strike the mark. (An Inspirational True Story that needs to be told)! By Matthew C Seufer -October 24,2019

118Call it a A WARNING from above!

Location :   Oak Grove Baptist Church – Pontiac,South Carolina USA

Overlooking the Jacobs Creek Subdivision below, the image of Jesus with

his outstretched arms appeared in the sky. The date was June 06, 2013.

(Photo by Matthew C Seufer), as found on Page 72 in the published Book Windows From Heaven.


MCS72 God's Love (2)

FORWARD ahead to OCTOBER 2019 – This EXACT Ground suffered a Direct Lightning hit

early on a Saturday morning. (Witnessed by Aaron Lyles – Oak Grove Chairman Trustee Ministry). On the way home from work Thursday (October 24,2019),I was guided to go to the old church with my camera. It was a beautiful sunny and blue sky say,with touches of wispy clouds. Behind the church I noticed a vehicle and Mr. Lyles was assisting a church member trouble shooting her vehicle.

Mr Lyles directed me to the woods behind the old church and wanted to show me “a picture I just had to get”. I couldn’t believe the direct lightning hit to the very same tree that was in the “image of Jesus” pic taken years earlier. The lightning strike followed a path directly into the back of the old church! Major damage ensued and now the message became VERY CLEAR.

JESUS had been overlooking and protecting his kingdom on June 06.2013. Many people have lost their way,become selfish,and non believing.Money and material items took priority. Let this incredible true story be witnessed and shared to all. God guides us to certain endings. May this be a “WAKE UP CALL” not only to Oak Grove Baptist Church,Jacobs Creek residents, but to all of us. GOD is REAL and he is WATCHING!

PHOTOS Below taken By Matthew C Seufer October 24, 2019zz195


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